Friday, 2 March 2012

Why flowers?

It has always astonished me the way that we view flowers. We give them to sweethearts we want to woo, we grow them in our gardens for their beauty, we have them at funerals and send them to new mothers. I not only carried the roses in this photo on my wedding day, but I had them dried and framed and they are now on display in our home.

You're probably thinking - why is she against flowers? Isn't that like being against cuddles, or learning, or puppies, or rainbows? Why does it seem so strange to me that flowers are so entwined with our concept of beauty, love and caring? Well, it's because of what flowers are.

Flowers are cut off plant genitals.

Doesn't seem quite so pretty now, does it?

I love flowers, I really do. I love looking at them, I loved picking them as a child. I had plenty of flowers at our wedding and I love that the ones above are preserved and will always remind me of our special, magical day. I felt loved when friends and family sent floral arrangements to the maternity hospital when Chubs was born, and I treasure all the flowers that Dear Husband has given me. I think they are beautiful and wonderful and I wish I had more in my life.

I guess it's the inner nerdy biologist in me that has a little chuckle that lovers everywhere are trying to win each other over with cut off reproductive organs.

I hope I haven't ruined flowers for you. At least be glad that I didn't do this. Blooming marvelous!


  1. Great, now I'll never think of flowers in the same way again :p.


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