Monday, 12 March 2012

Menu Plan Monday - second try!

Well, last week's menu plan was a bit of a disaster.

On Monday I had plenty of curry left over, so we had curry and some other leftovers for dinner on Tuesday. There wasn't any nice stea at the shop so we were going to have another stir fry on Thursday. Then Chubs got sick and we were all at the hospital so needless to say cooking dinner was the last thing on my mind. Dear Husband then came down with gastro too, so we pretty much gave up on the menu plan.

So, I'm going to repeat last week's plan for this week

Monday: Chicken curry (slow cooker) - me
Tuesday: Stir fry - him
Wednesday: Bolognese (from the freezer) - me
Thursday: Steak and veggies - him
Friday: Bolognese (from the freezer) - me
Saturday: BBQ chicken and veggies - chook from shop
Sunday: Scavenge for leftovers
I'll need to cook up some more freezer bolognese and I also need to do some more veggies for Chubs for the freezer. Most of the other meat is still in the freezer so I shouldn't have to buy much. I'm about to check what we have then make the shopping list and head to the supermarket. Fingers crossed this week is less eventful!

Part of Menu Plan Monday at Org Junkie

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