Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pi day shirt

Happy Pi Day everyone!

March 14 (or 3.14 if you write the date the American way) gives us 3.14159265... reasons to celebrate irrationality.

In celebration, here's what I'm wearing today.

The pi is cut from a repurposed knit shirt and hand stitched on because I'm all crafty and edgy and stuff. (Also, the sewing machine is in Chubs' room and I didn't get it out before she went to bed and I'm too scared to make noise bringing it out in case I wake her up...)

Around the neck band is 135 dots representing pi to 29 decimal places, and the decimal point too.

Happy Birthday Einstein, too. How cool is that? What Pi Day activities do you have planned?

Linked with Kirsten and Jo.


  1. Hehe Cathy was born on Pi day - love it :).

  2. Haha. V cool! We are having party pies and lemon meringue pie for dinner to celebrate :)

  3. Further to your post, have you seen this blog article today?


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