Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Snippets: Knit-a-Square

Remember KAS? I've blogged about this wonderful charity before.

Distrubition day

The Knit-a-Square forum is a treasure trove of ideas for knitting for charity, patterns, photos and companionship. The photo section has over 4500 picture of knitted and crocheted goodies. I find it very heartwarming to see what others have done and to get ideas. The patterns section gives detailed instructions on how to make squares, beanies, slipover vests, 'Go-Over' simple jumpers, toys and many other items. There's friendship and fellowship too, as people are linked across the oceans - stitch by stitch.

The gift of a blanket

The Knit-a-Square website give the history of KAS, information about the children, postage information and heaps more. To warm your heart, have a look through the ezines which are truly magical.

Babies at one of the creches receiving beanies

This beautiful post reminds us that a blanket provides more than just shelter from the cold, but comfort too.

Well loved comfort blankies

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