Monday, 30 September 2013


Well, things have gone pear shaped. Life - work, illness, toddler-ness, laziness, tiredness - has gotten in the way. I only managed to exercise four times this month, twice were in the last week and I'm really pushing it to call the 'exercise'.

However, something is better than nothing, so I will continue on.

The diet has also been, um, 'interrupted' - working crazy hours where you get paid-per-piece with a very high level of accuracy required seems to closely dictate my caffeine and sugar intake. Catering and lack of will power doesn't help, either.

Back on track though - time to continue on.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Federal election

This afternoon I had a group of students to whom the task was assigned to come up with one idea or concept that would change the world for the better.


One of their joke ideas was that everyone should be nice to each other.


In what sort of society are we living when that is considered a joke idea?


After exploring the option a lot more, it was decided that perhaps this wasn't such a crazy joke idea after all. They started moving from wacky, crazy ideas to actual strategies and plans.


It was not unnoticed that they were not the first to come up with this idea. I truly hope that they aren't persecuted, ridiculed, tortured, shot, or nailed to a cross for having this idea.


For the majority of my Facebook Friends who will be voting tomorrow - please take a moment to think about this radical idea. Perhaps it is truly as simple as this.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Exercise log - August

Well, it has begun.

August wasn't great, but I'm going to keep going. I'm definitely taking the view that 'anything is better than nothing'.

Diet: I've been up-ing the salads, although having fresh salads available all the time isn't always do-able. However, spinach + some veggies + tin of tuna is becoming my go-to lunch, ahead of toast or a sandwich. I'm still falling back on a sandwich for when there's no spinach, since I can freeze bread so I don't run out. I've been trying to have more protein for breakfast, for example one piece of toast with a boiled egg, rather than two pieces of toast. While Dear Husband was away, protein shakes were a back up breakfast (and lunch) for me.

Sugar's been a problem. I'm trying to avoid it, but of course all those yummy bring-a-plate morning teas are still so prevalent. At work we made a Periodic Table out of cupcakes for National Science Week - that was a whole lot of cakes to ice when I should have been eating a healthy morning tea. I'd not eaten breakfast due to daycare drop off dramas and was literally shaking, so a cupcake for morning tea it was. However, I will continue to try to eat well and not be thrown off by the 'excitements' that life throws.

Exercise: Got off to a good start, then stalled. The plan so far has been for Dear Husband to play at the park with Chubs, while I run around the park. Dramas erupted a few times with a cranky bub, and this plan didn't work while Dear Husband was away. I did fit in a massive walk around the botanical gardens which I didn't put on the log.

I had thought of exercise options for when Chubs would be my reponsibility, but none worked out. It's a 10 and a half hour day for Chubs at daycare when DH is away, so I don't think it's fair to leave her there longer. Even if I did, I'm too flogged and by the time I got changed into exercise clothes etc I would only have time for a ten minute run before I would have to pick her up before daycare closes, so it's just not worth it. Another possible option may have been to have dropped Chubs off at Nan's house for a play and for me to go for a ride on Nan's bike, but Nan was either at work or away herself. I had a few extra days of work and some pre-wedding events over the last few weeks as well, which cut down my options both as my time was tighter, and I'd used up a lot of babysitting from others that I couldn't ask them to babysit more - both for their sake and for Chubs' sake.

However, the plan is to continue. I will just keep trying to get done what I can. Dear Husband is home, so hopefully we can get back on track. I'm a bit dubious about how September will pan out - I've got a lot of extra work plus a wedding and several family events, so it's not looking much better than August, however the plan continues.

I've roped in a friend to keep me accountable, so hopefully things will keep on track!
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