Knit A Square A Day (KASAD)

The Knit A Square A Day project (May 2012) contains 31 heart warming projects. Each day a pattern for a 20cm (8 inch) square will be posted. These squares are perfect for knitting up for charity knitting as they can be used to make blankets as well as vests, scarves and other items.

There are squares suitable for beginners and for more experienced knitters. The KASAD project also included other charity knitting tips and stories.

For more information about the Knit-a-Square organisation, visit the website or the KAS forum.

Square 1: Beach
Square 2: The all important Plain Jane, including different needle sizes.
Square 3: Sandwich
Square 4: Retreat
Square 5: Ocean
Square 6: Mint coconut ice and stitch holder use
Square 7: Green beans
Square 8: Sunset
Square 9: Sunburn
Square 10: Harvest
Square 11: Blocks
Square 12: Flora
Square 13: Snow and grass
Square 14: Chrysantheum (tutorial)
Square 15: Maypole
Square 16: Stream
Square 17: Garden bed
Square 18: Christmas
Square 19: Scratches
Square 20: Icing
Square 21: Fairy floss
Square 22: Cornerstone
Square 23: Powder
Square 24: Slice
Square 25: Trio
Square 26: Isosceles
Square 27: Seashell
Square 28: Cake
Square 29: Strata
Square 30: Palindrome
Square 31: Finito
May 1: Beach
May 3: Sandwich
May 2: Plain Jane

May 4: Retreat
May 5: Ocean
May 6: Mint coconut ice

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  1. I love this! I knit (or try to find time to knit) every night, and this is perfect! Thanks for posting this!


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