A Kilo of Kindness

The world is a place of love, hope, friendship and kindness. Every day a friendly hand is extend to others - a lift home, a cooked meal, a shoulder to cry on, an hour of babysitting, a free cup of coffee and many many more.

I challenge everyone to see how long it can take for a thousand acts of kindness to be performed for each other. Here's what you need to do: Let me know of something kind which you have done, someone did for you or you've seen. You can let me know by leaving a comment here (or on any post) or by emailing a_kilo_of_kindness at live dot com dot au . I would love to attribute names/ usernames but I'm happy to leave it as anonymous if you would like.

A kilo of kindness:

1. Bellatrix: I worked in aged care community and I called on an elderly lady living at home alone. She was in tears because she had put eggs on the stove to boil and forgotten about them, they had burnt and she had no lunch and no money to buy more. After I left I went and bought a half dozen eggs and a permanent marker and drew a happy face on each egg. I gave them to her and her face lit up, she said it absolutely made her day and long after she had used all the eggs she kept the happy egg shells in her kitchen. She said they always made her smile.

2: Gwen's Mum: Kindness given - a close friend was having a run of crappy luck and was feeling pretty down. I put together a package of her favourite things (e.g. cheese, chocolate, tim tams, a voucher to a yarn store) and dropped it around to her. Brightened her week a little.

3: Gwen's Mum: Kindness received - all our milk donors are special, but the very first person who offered us her freezer stash... That will always stand out in my memory. We hadn't even considered donor milk as an option - she just offered. Both the milk itself, and the very idea of using it, were the most extraordinary gifts.

4. 3LWs said: Dropping off 3 meals, bread, milk, chocolate biscuits and presents after I had DS2?
Surely those count, they made us feel loved!!

5. Mooki said: after I had DS the forum girls arranged homecooked meals to be delivered for the week, we did the same for Nightowl and will be doing the same for Loli and Andy too

6. NH said: I think I could nearly fill your kilo! People are truly wonderful. I will work on a list! NH also got send a little package of goodies for her family and for her daughter when she wasn't well.

7. AP said: I had severe anxiety this week. I had friends drop over food and take my son out so I could sleep. I also received messages of support from some lovely forumites. I feel privileged to be a part of this community.

I will think of an act of kindness that I can return to the world.

I really think that most people on the world are capable of massive kindness when required.

8. and 9. Chubs and I have both been sick, and my sister has helped out with some extra babysitting. Thanks Aunty K!

10. Rachael says: Hubby is away in Melbourne for 3 weeks (back on weekends) but a short trip to my sister-in-law's place on the weekend had her invite me round to dinner whilst he was away. I thought that was nice...a small act of kindness.

11. bubbychoochoo says: I was struggling to unload my trolley of groceries onto the checkout while trying to settle my 2mth old from crying & a woman in her 80's stopped doing her grocery shopping & came & unloaded my trolley for me, then went back to her shopping!

12. breastfeedingisnormal (Nina) has had a rough trot medically recently (to put it very, very mildy). She saids:

In the week before my last surgery I was pretty ill.
On Wednesday I needed a lift to have an emergency CT scan. My friend Karen collected me, waited while I had the scan, held me while I sobbed the bad news, drove me back to the doctor's office and waited while he found me an appointment with another surgeon, before driving me home. All on her only day off in the week.
On Friday, I had lunch with my friend Wendy and I noticed a bruised sort of feeling in my calf. She encouraged me to call my doctor, who scheduled an immediate ultrasound. Wendy drove me to the ultrasound, waited for the results, drove me to my doctor's office, waited while he wrote a script, waited while I tried to have it filled, waited while the practice nurse taught me to inject, drove me to two other pharmacies to find one that had my medicine and drove me home. After a noon lunch date, she left my place at 6pm and then thanked me for the opportunity to feel like she'd done something really useful to help.
That should get you close to your kilo all by itself, right.

13 and 14 come from meme:

The other day I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to help an elderly gent who got stuck on his mobility scooter trying to go up a slight incline of loose gravel. Like a pp it wasn't any trouble at all to me and I felt great knowing I'd been able to help somebody who was stuck.

Kindnesses received, a small thing but still lovely. I was given a jumper to borrow while I was cold at a workshop. It was a kindness as the facilitator remembered I got cold from the last workshop I had attended with her and went out of her way to let me know she had brought a jumper I could borrow.

15 is from michnsam:

Random people, friend/ acquaintance and neighbour we've never spoken to offered to help DH to carry furniture and boxes to Ute and on to storage shed. How nice!

16 - 21 fromMamaBear3:

I have a few, i'm always helping others
*Donated my eggs to someone i didnt know,just wanted to help
*On donated the left over embryo's to help another couple
*called another mum aside in the SCN who was being treated unfairly and gave her the info and courage to call the patient rep.
*Drove an old lady home once-she had come to get her hair set and it started raining. I'll never forget how happy she was and made a big fuss,but to me it wasn't anything.
*fostered a pregnant dog,through a charity, which had 8 puppies then looked after them till they were 5 weeks old.The kids loved it!
*visited my mums friends son,who was in hospital everyday for 7 mths. He didnt have many friends and was 17. I used to read his food chart and surprise him with take away if i saw it was horrid


  1. Hubby is away in Melbourne for 3 weeks (back on weekends) but a short trip to my sister-in-law's place on the weekend had her invite me round to dinner whilst he was away. I thought that was nice...a small act of kindness.

  2. This is a wonderful idea. Maybe you would like to share on my Mom's Library Link-up to help get the word out!

    Thanks and Be Blessed,

  3. My Little Mister just adopted a US soldier that is serving in a very dangerous location. So far we have sent him several letters and a box of goodies! A small act of kindness to a stranger who serves to provide us protection!


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