Thursday, 15 March 2012

The prize for...

... what I would do with an uninterrupted day is sew. Finding half an hour or so to do some sewing itself isn't really the problem. The thing is that I need to clear a space, get out the sewing machine and overlocker and ironing board and iron. I need to get out the fabric and thread and scissors and pins and interfacing and wadding and ribbon and Velcro and elastic. I also need to pack everything away when I'm finished and then clean up the eleventy billion bits of thread and tiny fabric bits on the floor. How often do you think I actually clean up?

Because I never actually pack everything away, I'm reluctant to get it all out. I avoid it so that I'm not stepping over piles of fabric and pulling tape measures away from Chubs for a week afterwards. It just seems so useless to spend ten minutes setting up, to do ten minutes of sewing and the start the pack up/ clean up again. I don't think I'll be getting a whole uninterruped day anytime soon, and if I did there are more pressing things to be done than sewing. I will keep trying to fit bits in here and there because I really do enjoy all parts of sewing (except the set up and pack up, of course).

What would you do with an uninterrupted day?


  1. I think you just described my house and sewing. I only have the dining room table to work from and need to put everything away to ensure the dog doesn't get to it afterwards. I wish I had my own sewing space. At by a bedroom, renovations going on or the husband's computer area. If I had an uninterrupted day, I might try to clear out some of downstairs, so I actually had a sewing area to myself.

    1. You really should do that. I think you'll use it much more if you have a sewing space set up. :)

  2. Sorry just realised some of my comment above got deleted, thus not making sense. I will definitely have to try to invade downstairs :).


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