Friday, 16 March 2012


1. a stone uniting two masonry walls at an intersection.
2. a stone representing the nominal starting place in the construction of a monumental building, usually carved with the date and laid with appropriate ceremonies.
3. something that is essential, indispensable, or basic: The cornerstone of democratic government is a free press.
4. the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed: The cornerstone of his argument was that all people are created equal.

Your cornerstone is what your life is measured from. For me, that is loving my family, being with them and caring for them. It is making a difference in the world, discovering new adventures and basking in the joy of life. To share with others this journey, to love, to laugh, to hold each other. To discover new things, to be challenged. To set off on new adventures, and return home to loving arms. To share beauty, to offer comfort, to create and explore and grow and love.

What is your cornerstone?

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