Thursday, 1 March 2012

The prize for...

... something I'm grateful for is having a wheelie bin garbage service! I must admit I enjoy the modern luxury of having a truck come and pick up our garbage and take it away - wherever 'away' is.

I've blogged before about how we used cloth nappies, but we still have some sposies which fill up the bin quite quickly. We don't have a compost bin since we don't have a garden, and we recycle what we can. (The recycling bins are around the corner in the photo.) I use reuseable containers for Chubs' and my lunches and we try to avoid food that is in individual packaging to cut down on rubbish.

I still get the feeling though that we are making way too much rubbish for three people. What do you to to cut down on the amount of garbage your household produces? Do you have any suggestions for me?

Lots of people are Thankful on Thursdays!

ETA: Not all the bins in the photos are mine; they are the bins for the whole building complex, in case you thought I had four binsfull per week.


  1. such a great thing to be thankful for. i'm working on being more responsible with my resources... want to be better about recycling though. thanks for linking up this week!!!


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