Monday, 26 March 2012

Miscellaneous thoughts for Mondays

As I said yesterday, over the weekend we had sunshine after weeks of rain - yay! We also had our state election with unprecidented results. Plays at the park, time with Ruby's grandma Nanny Tops and Dear Husband's return home and all the other happenings on the weekend made for a lovely time.

The new laundry system seems to be working well, although we're only one week in! I do feel better during the week about having it pile up, since that's part of the plan and I know I'll deal with it on Sunday nights. I didn't get the ironing done, but all the folding and putting away happened.

I got some knitting done over the weekend too. I'm working on some squares and a blog related venture - stay tuned to see what it is!

Last week's round up

Monday: Chicken stir fry - him All good
Tuesday: Chicken curry (from the freezer - me) We went with freezer Bolognese instead of the curry
Wednesday: Beef stir fry - him All good
Thursday: Bolognese (from the freezer - me) I cooked previously frozen mince up and made enough for dinner for the two of us in Thursday, plus two more dinners. Since the meat had been previously frozen I couldn't refreeze. I put the other two servings in the fridge, one with spahghetti for my dinner on Friday night since Dear Husband would be away, and the other serving I though he might have on toast for breakfast on Friday. Unfortunately neither was eaten and since I couldn't refreeze them they got thrown out :( I also cooked up 1kg of fresh mince into eight servings which went into the freezer for another day.
Friday: Hmmmm... I had a last minute invitation from my mum to go over for dinner. She and I had a fantastic meal of homemade pesto (with home grown basil) wholemeal pasta and garden salad. Chubs had the pasta with basil leaves and cheddar (no nuts or goat's cheese) and a banana for dessert.
Saturday: Scavenge I had a BBQ with a lovely group of local mums, their partners and children. A lovely afternoon with great company, great food, great coversation and a baby who fell asleep :)
Sunday: Bolognese (from the freezer - me)

This week's plan
Monday: Slow cooker curry
Tuesday: Beef stir fry
Wednesday: Bolognese from the freezer
Thursday: Chicken stir fry
Friday: I have a meeting so I'll just snack and leave Dear Husband to scavenge
Saturday: Scavenge
Sunday: Bolognese from the freezer


  1. I am very inspired by your laundry habits, so much so that I did quite a few loads of washing over the weekend (had to make use of the sunshine) and actually folded and put everything away. You are a better housewife than me though because dear husband doesn't get his shirts ironed. I think I must try to do that more often :).

    1. Don't worry, I don't iron Dear Husband's shirts very frequently at all.

  2. sounds delish! we are having chicken stir fry too :)


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