Saturday, 3 March 2012

Knitted vests

Last night I finished off this pink vest. It's been sitting there for months and months (I may have even started it while I was pregnant, I'm not sure.) It only took about ten minutes to finish off the neckband and tie off.

I also finished off this green and yellow vest.

Both of these vests are knitted with two strands of 8 ply acrylic yarn. The green and yellow was done on 8mm needles, and the pink on 10mm needles. Both are similar to this slipover, but are knitted in the round from the bottom up and then back and forward for the shoulder straps. The neck band is finished in the round.

I made a mistake on the pink vest, where the straps need to be partially stitched to the front panel. It's a bit of a tricky bit where the knitting in the round changes to the straight knitting, and I need to go back later and stitch about five stitches closed. The problem is that I forgot to leave allowance for this on one side only, which is why the straps are a little uneven.

I could have unpicked all the neckline and the straps, but I was able to get it so it looked ok (not great, but ok) and it is secure. I think that my knitting time is better spent making more good items, than less perfect ones, as I previously discussed. If it wasn't ok then I wouldn't send it, but since I was able to muddle through I will send it, and thankfully I didn't need to unpick the top section.

These slipover vests need to be very stretchy (think big needles). They need to be long in the body so that there's no revealing midrift, and the arm and neck holes need to be quite large. For a very simple pattern see here, or here for an intermediate pattern.

I will have to post off a packet to Knit- a- Square soon. I have these two vests, some beanies and some squares ready to go. If I get them in the post soon hopefully they will get there in time for winter.


  1. These are just a dream - the children will love them. the neckline and arm holes look so much more comfortable than the straight tube and straps - have you posted the pattern for this on KAS?
    Pam J UK KAS Group

    1. Hi Pam, thanks for commenting :) I don't have this pattern itself posted, but it's a version of this one but done in the round. Next time I make one I'll be sure to take photos and post the pattern for knitting in the round.


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