Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kids activity links I'd love to try

Baby game ideas We've done a few of these; the list is a good reminder for me on a long day though!

Lego puzzles I can't wait to try this one when Chubs is older.

Community service activities Have you tried any of these with your kiddos? How did they go?

Baked dough people or just regular playdough to smoosh and moosh.

Making comic books looks like fun, but might be some way off for Chubs. I don't think her fine motor skills are quite up to it yet.

Please share any other activity links that you like.


  1. The Out of the Box Festival is coming up in June too. Have a look at this link for some free activities for all ages http://www.outoftheboxfestival.com.au/calendar_search/result/?event_type=Free%20Event


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