Monday, 19 March 2012

Miscellaneous thoughts for Mondays

It's been a bit crazy here the last week. Chubs was still getting over her gastro, so even though she was fine in herself daycare thought she was contagious so she got send home Tuesday and couldn't go Wednesday. Thankfully we have two cars this week (borrowing a friend's car while she's away) so that made doing the juggle a bit easier. I'm fighting a cold and Dear Husband is getting over his gastro too, so we're all lying low.

The house is a disaster which is stressing me out. I usually have a pretty high tolerance for mess, but this mess has gotten to the stage where it's counter productive. I can't find anything and am well into 'get through the next five minutes' mode, at the expense of the next five hours. For example, I need bench space so I just move everything to somewhere else, but then when I need something that was actually supposed to be in that spot on the bench, I can't find it because it's messed in with everything else which wasn't supposed to be on the bench. Needless to say, this needs to be fixed as it's not working.

I've been knitting a bit more (mostly when Dear Husband is driving in the car and I'm a passenger) in an effort to have some me-time. Ugh - the car needs cleaning too. I’m working on a slipover, a few squares for an idea I have forming in my head, and a baby beanie for friends of our who have just welcomed their precious bundle Earthside.

The laundry monster has been particularly fierce the last two weeks. Gastro means more washing at the best of times, let alone with a little baby who can't use the toilet or a vomit bucket, poor girl :( . It's all clean and dry now, but as usual, it's the folding and putting away which is my rate limiting step.

The menu plan went better this week. Last week's plan was
Monday: Chicken curry (slow cooker) - me. Went very well and I made a double batch, so there's one in the freezer
Tuesday: Stir fry - him . All good :)
Wednesday: Bolognese (from the freezer) - me Thankfully this was a freezer night. Chubs, who usually goes to bed at 7 - 7:30, didn't go down until after 11pm. We tried everything, including taking her for a drive which didn't work. Thankfully this was done and only needed to be microwaved, and Dear Husband cooked me up some spaghetti to go with it. I love love love freezer cooking.
Thursday: Steak and veggies - him. There weren't any nice steaks at the shop on Monday so Dear Husband did stir fry again. he did a pork one which I wasn't really fussed on since we usually have beef, but it was certainly sufficient.
Friday: Bolognese (from the freezer) - me Didn't happen. Neither of us was very hungry and I bought Dear Husband some sushi for late lunch, but he didn't eat it until about 6pm. I was happy to scavenge too so I left the Bolognese in the freezer. I did have some fresh mince in the freezer which I had bought on Monday (and forgot about) so I cooked it up into two dinners for the freezer. It's good to know that this week I've put more into the freezer than I've taken out.
Saturday: BBQ chicken and veggies - chook from shop We went around to my mum's for a BBQ to celebrate my grandma's birthday, so we didn't need to cook that night. We did take over a nibblies platter. I made apricots with cream cheese and walnuts, and then some cheese and dips with crackers. Fairly simple but quite adequate none the less.
Sunday: Scavenge for leftovers We defrosted one of the Bologneses from the freezer and had that.

This week's menu plan

Dear Husband is away for the latter part of the week, so it's just me for some nights. This is good and bad as far as meal planning is concerned, so we'll see how it goes.

Monday: Chicken stir fry - him
Tuesday: Chicken curry (from the freezer - me)
Wednesday: Beef stir fry - him
Thursday: Bolognese (from the freezer - me)
Friday: Hmmmmm - see how we go?
Saturday: Scavenge
Sunday: Bolognese (from the freezer - me)

We will see what this week brings. What do you have in store?


  1. I've taken a few beginner knitting classes and am considering giving it another try now that I'm no longer working.
    You have a delicious menu plan.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Berry, knitting squares is great practise, that's how I learned many techniques. Hope you have a nice week too :)

  2. i love bolognese. looks like you are stocked up on it too:)
    i love stir fry!
    i want to try the apricots
    how exactly did u make them?
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan
    I finally got a chance to sit down and do some browsing and look for some new ideas/recipes
    I'd love if you stopped by my page
    Hope u Enjoyed your weekend:)

    1. I must write it up, but basically put a blob of cream cheese on the apricot then half a walnut on top. Yummy!


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