Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Medication tip and KASAD8: Sunset

We've had daycare colds and chest infections doing the rounds here, which has involved antibiotics for all of us. I've spoken about avoiding accidental medication overdoses for baby before, but it's not just baby's medication that you need to keep track of. My brain is like a sieve at the best of times, let alone when I'm sleep deprived and sick, too. Writing when I need to take each tablet on the pack is the easiest way for me to keep track of if I have or haven't taken a dose. Simple and easily implemented is exactly what I need when I'm sick.

KASAD8: Sunset

This is another garter stitch square where the design comes from changing colour at the end of the row. It's also part of a colour set of squares, so keep your eye out for the rest coming later in the month.

- 8 ply yarn. Small amount only - approximately 30g of C1 and C2, scrap amount of C3.
- 6mm knitting needles
- yarn needle to weave in ends, scissors to cut yarn.

Skills and difficulty
Beginner knitter
- cast on
- cast off
- knit stitch
- changing colour at the end of the row

In this example, C1 is dark green, C2 is hot pink and C3 is pale yellow.

1. Cast on 32 stitches
2. Knit every row C1 (work in garter stitch) for 22 rows (11 ridges). End C1.
3. Knit 4 rows (2 ridges) C2. End C2.
4. Knit 4 rows (2 ridges) C3. End C3.
5. Knit 4 rows (2 ridges) C1. End C1.
6. Knit every row C2 (work in garter stitch) for 22 rows (11 ridges).
7. Cast off and leave a 50cm tail.
8. Weave in beginning end and butterfly the tail.

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