Wednesday, 23 May 2012

KASAD23: Powder

KASAD23: Powder

- 8 ply yarn in three colours.
- 6 mm knitting needles
- yarn needle to weave in ends, scissors to cut yarn.

Skills and difficulty
Beginner knitter
- cast on
- cast off
- knit stitch
- changing colour at the end of row
- carrying unused yarn up the side

In this example, C1 is pink, C2 is purple and C3 is yellow
1. Using C1, cast on 32 stitches.
2. Knit 26 rows (13 ridges). End C1.
3. Change to C2. Knit 2 rows (1 ridge). End C2.
4. Change to C3. Knit 2 rows (1 ridge). End C3.
5. Change to C1. Knit 26 rows (13 ridges).
6. Cast off and leave a 50cm tail.
7. Weave in beginning end and butterfly the tail.

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