Saturday, 21 April 2012

Purple carrots

A while ago we found purple carrots at the supermarket. I had seen them before from a relative who grew them, but I'd never seen them for sale in the supermarket before (or since).

The tasted like normal orange carrots, but creamier and a little bit sweeter. These were very, very juicy. They had a texture like beetroot as well - softer than orange carrots but still firm.

I cooked them up for Chubs by microwaving them with a little water, then I blended them up with the stick mixer and froze in ice cube trays. You can see how the pigment leeched into the water - it looks like beetroot juice here.

Chubs loved them and they froze well. I can't belive how strong the pigment is. As well as staining my hands, when mixed up it's practically impossible to see any other vegetable. Tonight she had purple carrots, pumpkin, green beans and chicken. When I mixed it together it looked like purple carrots with tiny bits of very purple chicken; the pigment is so strong.

That day I also bought some purple sweet potato - it must have been the day for purple vegetables at the supermarket! When I peeled the purple sweet potato, it was white on the inside.

It tasted much more like normal potato than orange sweet potato. To be honest, I wasn't too fussed on it. Chubs didn't mind it, but I only ever gave it to her when it was mixed with other veggies.

What less-than-common foods have you discovered?

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