Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cot safety

The way that Chubs' room is set up means that her two nappy bins (one for rubbish/ disposables and one for cloth nappies to be washed) have to be between her change table and her cot. When we move her cot down, I was worried that one of the bins was within one tiny arm's reach, and I didn't want Chubs to be able to reach the plastic bag, pull off a section and play/ chew on it, all while I though she was sleeping soundly.

I moved the cot awy from the nappy bins a bit, but I was worried that the nappy bins could get bumped and work their way back closer to the cot. I could remember to check it every nap time and every evening, but I think that this is the sort of thing which gets forgotten when Mum is sick, or tired, or in a rush or there's a change to the routine and I wasn't happy with that risk.

We buy our wipes in bulk. I place these boxes between the bin and the cot as a spacer. It give me somewhere to store the wipes, but I also keep the boxes there when the are empty. It makes the other side of the cot a bit squeezy and it drives me nuts that the cot is off centre, but Chubs' safety is way more important and this will prevent her from getting a mouthful of plastic.


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