Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nap time projects

I am going to start posting tutorials, ideas and suggestions for nap time projects. I find that I frequently put off creating, since I no longer have big chunks of time to get things done in. I really enjoy crafting, and it's a bit of 'me time' that really helps me to feel better in myself the rest of the time.

I love making things for Chubs. I hope that when she's older she looks back at photos of her wearing a shirt with her name on it, an embroidered bib or a beanie I knitted her and that she realises that they were made for her with love.

Sewing with the machine isn't really a nap time project for me since the sewing machine is in Chubs' room, but if you have an area somewhere else then it might be.

The washing up and vacuuming that you should have been doing during nap time instead of crafting? You're on your own there :)

Please be sure to leave a comment if you have a nap time project that you would like to share!
First project: Heart Two Heart shirt.

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