Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday matters

It was quite an eclectic weekend here. I went wedding dress shopping with a friend of mine which was lots of fun. Two of the other bridesmaids had been doing double duty, since they are bridesmaids for other brides, so I'm sure they were all poofy-dress-ed out by the end of the day. Grocery shopping, some freezer cooking, housework and laundry and I got lots of things crossed off the to-do list. We also visited some family. I got some knitting done while driving. I have a project for the blog coming up in May about knitting, so I'm doing some more prep for that!

Well, last week was a bit of a write-off!
Monday: Slow cooker curry I didn't get the slow cooker on in time, so Dear Husband used the chicken to make a stir fry.
Tuesday: Beef stir fry A bit of a stir fry double up, but no complaints here.
Wednesday: Bolognese from the freezer All good
Thursday: Chicken stir fry I had a chicken curry in the freezer since I made a double batch last week, so I defrosted that which was yummy. Sometimes the sauce separates a bit but it is easily mixed back, and I think the chicken is more tender second time around.
Friday: I have a meeting so I'll just snack and leave Dear Husband to scavenge Dinner was arranged for me at the meeting, and Dearh Husband had a voucher for a free pizza which he redeemed with much excitement.
Saturday: Scavenge We had decided to have beef stir fry, and I made some bolognese for the freezer. At the last minute things changed so we decided to just eat the bolognese. I'd made three serves, so we ate two which left one for another day.
Sunday: Bolognese from the freezer We were planning on having the beef from last night. I had cooked up six serves of fresh bolognese for the freezer, but Chubs wasn't cooperating and again we decided to dig into the bolognese. Still, I got another two dinners for both of us in the freezer, and we'll have the beef on Monday.

This week's plan:
Monday: Beef stir fry :)
Tuesday: Slow cooker chicken curry. I plan to make a double batch and freeze one.
Wednesday: Microwave rissoto. I've found a recipe which claims it's 'impossible to mess up'. Let me at it and we'll see :)
Thursday: A slow cooker something. I want to try some new slow cooker recipes, so I will see what I can find.
Friday: Chicken stir fry
Saturday: Oh my gosh, we've made it to Saturday without having any bolognese! Better have some here.
Sunday: Scavenge


  1. I've had those days where the meal just didn't get started in the slow cooker in time--glad your husband was able to pull something else together! :-)


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