Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Party box

Chubs had her first invitation to a friend's birthday party recently. I also hosted my first kiddy birthday party for our beautiful niece, and I'm planning Chubs' upcoming party too. Needless to say I've got kids' parties on the brain! We've also had several other functions and adult's parties too, so I'm all cake-d out for the time being, but I think I'll recover quickly :)

I found myself starting a party box for all the leftovers. I've kept disposable tableware and cutlery before but I never seem to check what I have before I buy more since I need them so infrequently. I looked at my stuff today and I had three packs of disposable butter knives, each with one or two which had been used. I don't throw out left over balloons et cetera, but do you think I can ever find them again the next time I need them months or years later?

My new solution - the party box. I've put in all the left over disposables as well as party decorations like balloons, streamers, candles etc. I don't think I'll 'stock up' - it's only a small box intentionally since I really don't need heaps of party gear but it will help me to make use of what I do already have.

In it at the moment are streamers, balloons, candles, paper napkins and the like as well as all those knives - not buying them for a while!

I hope my system will allow for a better use of resources. Do you have the need for a party box? Does it work for you?


  1. I have no party box as such but I do have a drawer full of paper plates and serviettes. Instead, I keep a costume box, as a lot of friends seem to like having them and I hate buying a new look all the time.

    1. I think I've got a few costumes in the back of the cupboard, too...


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