Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday musings

Well, our fortnight of 14 family events has drawn to a close and I think I can draw breath now before the next lot begins! This week I have a work function on Tuesday night, then Wednesday is a public holiday for ANZAC Day.

I spent a lot of time making kindy sheet sets over the last week. I think that a good way to maximise my time is to cut a lot of sheets out in one go, then sew separately. I had some Chubs free time this week to sew, but I spent much of it cutting and pinning. Cutting and pinning is something I can do when she is napping or asleep for the evening, but I really need her out of the house to sew since the sewing machine wakes her up. I got 14 sheet sets cut out and pinned on Saturday night, so I can sew them next time.

The laundry system fell down last week but otherwise seems to be going well. It's still the putting away that it the rate limiting step.

I did get a chance to go bridesmaids dress shopping Chubs-free on the weekend. We think we may have found a dress that suits the six of us (eeeep!) and will suit the bride's dress and the boys, too, but there's at lease one more shopping trip in store. It was heaps of fun though and we did see some beautiful dresses.

You know, I really don't know why I do meal plans, since I don't think we've stuck to one yet! Last week's plan:
Monday: steak and veggies - yes, the only meal of the week we stuck to the plan on!
Tuesday: Bolognese I have no idea what we ate on Tuesday, but I don't think it was bolognese. I will keep thinking... ETA It may have been steak.
Wednesday: out Nanny Tops came over to babysit so she had some freezer chicken curry and we had Thai at the restaurant for our family function.
Thursday: slow cooker chicken curry - I cooked up some Bolognese during nap time, but Dear Husband came home with a hot chook from the shop. This is exactly what the meal plan is supposed to avoid. We ate the chicken on Thursday night and had the Bolognese on Friday night.
Friday: chicken stir fry See above
Saturday: hot chook from shop Steak and veggies since we found a big pack of nice steaks at the shops
Sunday: beef stir fry Steak and veggies, we had steak left over from Saturday

This week:
Monday: Slow cooker chicken dish I want to try
Tuesday: I'm at my work function so Dear Husband will have something from the freezer
Wednesday: Steak and veggies
Thursday: Freezer Bolognese
Friday: I'm out so again Dear Husband will sort himslf out.
Saturday: Steak and veggies
Sunday: Slow cooker chicken curry

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