Monday, 30 April 2012

Megapixel Monday

We're off today to check out some professional family photos which we had taken earlier in the month. I'm so excited to see them!

Meal plan

Last week:
Monday: Slow cooker chicken dish I want to try I forgot the cream for this, so it didn't happen. We hade Steak and veggies I think.
Tuesday: I'm at my work function so Dear Husband will have something from the freezer
Wednesday: Steak and veggies I can't remember if we did this or not...
Thursday: Freezer Bolognese I cooked up new Bolognese from frozen mince, and Dear Husband had it for dinner on Friday night too.
Friday: I'm out so again Dear Husband will sort himslf out. See above
Saturday: Steak and veggies Chicken curry from the freezer
Sunday: Slow cooker chicken curry Dear Husband cooked beef stir fry.

This week:
Monday: Steak and veggies
Tuesday: Freezer Bolognese
Wednesday: Steak and veggies
Thursday: BBQ chicken in the slow cooker
Friday: Beef stir fry
Saturday: Hot chook from the shop
Sunday: Slow cooker chicken curry

Coming up tomorrow is my May knitting series. I'm so excited! See you back here tomorrow.

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