Sunday, 29 April 2012

Daycare packing list - updated

I blogged earlier about Chubs' and my packing lists to make sure we have everything we need for work/ daycare. In theory, and generally in practise, these mean that I don't need to drop Chubs off without everything she needs (although I often forget to pack a wet bag for her...) and that I'm not overflowing with milk but missing pump parts.

In a few months the list have changed though. We have been able to get Chubs down to one bottle at daycare (although she still feeds 3 - 6 times during the day when she's with me and 2 - 4 times overnight.) I'm also able to cope with only one pumping session at work which frees up a lot of time (ie, 15 mins which is HUGE) during my crazy busy day.

Here's the lists which are current now. I've also made a few annotations...

Night before jobs

- Chubs lunch - bottles + teat, breakfase, lunch, two snacks, biscuits, rusks, dummy

- Mummy lunch

- Batteries on charge The catch here is to actually DO this, not just to write it on the list...

- Ice packs in freezer

Chubs' daycare bag
Night before

- Sheet bag – top sheet, bottom sheet, bunny rug , white hair brush

- Drawstring with 6 cloth nappies, wet bag Add the wet bag in! Don't forget the wet bag!

- Spare clothes – long sleeved romper, onesie, singlet, jumper, socks

- 3 disposable nappies

Morning of

- Lunchbox

- Blankie (in sheet bag)

Mummy work gear
Night before

- Breast pump bag with flanges, diaphragm, valve, 1 bottle, 1 lid, 1 sealing disk, motor, battery pack

- Lunchbox

- Book bag

- Computer bag and charger!!!!

- Anything else?

Morning of

- Computer

- Keys + nametag

- Lunchbox – lunch, ice packs

- Breast pump – add batteries which you remembered to charge last night, didn't you...

- Anything else?

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