Friday, 20 April 2012

Op shop suprise!

I've blogged about our awesome op shop/ thrift store before and I was not disappointed today. I got all of the following for $28.50.

- Baby activity walker for $5 in very good used condition. I really wanted one of these for Chubs so this was perfect.
- Black pinstripe trousers for work which fit perfectly. I often struggle to find well fitting pants so this was great.
- Brown and silver Zara blouse
- Blue and white striped blouse
- Chunky brown cardigan - perfect for breastfeeding. It will let me give my chunky grey cardigan a break this winter!
- Black leather shoes in good condition in exactly my size.
- Lightweight black cardigan - again I'm wearing a lot of cardigans at the moment since they are breastfeeding friendly.

A very good haul for $28.50! I didn't find anything for Chubs today, but Dear Husband found some good clothes for him earlier in the week including two jackets - one linen and one leather for $10 each - and a few shirts. My niece also found some things for herself and her daughter, as did my sister in law. The Vinnies had half price off all clothing this week and we certainly found a few bargains.

Money saving tips to remember for op shopping:
1. Is this an impulse buy? Do you really need it? Just because it's at an op shop doesn't automatically make it frugal.
Exception to Rule 1 - the proceeds from most op shops go to helping people; that's why they're run by charities. Sometimes I will spend more money at an op shop and view it as a donation, rather than a purchase.
2. Does it fit? No matter how good the condition and quality and how low the price, if it won't be worn then it's a waste of money.
Exception to Rule 2 - if it 's for a child, it's ok if the child can grow into it, but don't buy too far ahead.
3. Is the condition good enough for the price? Does it have all the pieces, or enough pieces to be functional? Sometimes things were given away, or priced low, for a reason. This is again why you shouldn't donate crap.


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