Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WFMW - Packing list for baby and Mum

Today's WFMW is about helping things to go more smoothly in the day to day crazy-ness that is life. I work part time and Chubs is in daycare on those days. I do several things to make these days the least stressful as possible, and one of those is packing lists.

Chubs' day care bag (and the un-vacummed floor...)

Below is the list of what I need to do the night before, as well as what needs to be packed and collected each morning.

Night before jobs

- Chubs lunch - two bottles + teats, lunch, snack, biscuits, rusks, dummy

- Mummy lunch

- Batteries on charge

- Ice packs in freezer

Chubs' daycare bag

Night before

-         Sheet bag – top sheet, bottom sheet, bunny rug , white hair brush

-         Drawstring with 6 cloth nappies, wet bag

-         Spare clothes – long sleeved romper, onesie, singlet, jumper, socks
-         3 disposable nappies

Morning of

-         Lunchbox

-         Blankie (in sheet bag)

Mummy work gear

Night before

-         Breast pump bag with flanges, diaphragm, valve, 2 bottles, 2 lids, 2 disks, motor, battery pack

-         Lunchbox

-         Book bag

-         Computer bag

-         Anything else?

Morning of
-         Computer

-         Keys + nametag

-         Lunchbox – lunch, ice packs

-         Breast pump – add batteries

-         Anything else?

Our packing list is printed out and is stuck on the 'command centre' at home. The 'command centre' is just a wall where we have the calendar, small whiteboard, notes etc. Any extras for that particular day (hopefully) get written on the whiteboard.

Obviously your packing list will look different to mine, depending on what your family's needs are. However, having a list means that Chubs and I still have what we need, even when I'm in a sleep deprived haze. Packing lists work for me!

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