Monday, 20 February 2012

Tackle the to do list...

Tackle It Tuesday MemeToday has been a day tackling the all-too-long list of little jobs. Here's the list as it stands:

To do list (done)

Grocery shopping - done

Post marriage certificate to uni - done. I have tried to upload my marriage certificate (as proof of name change) but their website wouldn't let me. I was told to email it in, but when I first scanned it I had the settings too high and the file was huge. I scanned it again and emailed it; they then said that I needed to send a certified hard copy. (I did ask when they wanted an electronic copy didn't they need a hard copy, but they said electronic was fine...) I had one certified copy left (plus my original) which I posted in, but they say they never received it. I then had to arrange for more copies, get them certified, and then go to the post office. I wanted to send it Registered Post this time so it can't get 'lost'. We will now wait and see what happens. I know that in the whole scheme of things this is a minute problem, but it's frustrating when it takes so long to complete such a small job.

Clothes shopping for Chubs - Lots of shops have their summer clothes on sale now, so I bought a few clearance things for Chubs in size two and three for next year. At $2 an item, I'll be thankful next year.

Kitchen cleaning - it was a disaster. The less said about how disasterous, the better. Suffice it to stay that I spent a long time in there, and it is much better now.

Bulk cooking - I did up five lots of Bolognese for us - four are in the freezer and we ate one tonight. I also made up some baby Bolognese too. I also did some pureed pears and steamed carrots.

Laundry - two loads hung out, three bought in and folded (one was still drying from the night before) plus nappies washed, dried and put away. I still didn't get the non-nappy baskets put away - ugh.

Work stuff - I needed to do some work which I got done. There's always more to do, but it can wait until tomorrow.

Packing - I packed Chub's daycare bag and made her lunch (stewed plums and Weet-bix and baked beans + two bottles of EBM and some Cruskits.) I still need to finish making my lunch and packing my pump, bags etc.

Bathroom - cleaned the shower, still need to do toilet and basin tomorrow.

Little jobs - emptied bins, changed bin bags, washed icky bin juice out of bin, tidied up a million toys in the living room, cleaned out the esky from yesterday, cleaned out the leftovers/ mould experiements in the fridge.

Didn't do list:
Take camera to the camera shop - totally forgot, sorry visual learners :(

Laundry - one load still on the line, and I've still got some folding to put away. Again.

Bills - must do tonight before bed

Emails - I've got a few there that I must reply to

Have done list
I think it's important to write down what you have done, not just what you need to do. It reminds me on crazy days when I don't get anything done that I usually am getting things done, just now what I hoped to do.

Nappy changes - can't remember how many I did...

Feeds - I think Chubs had six feeds today, or maybe seven? I can't quite remember

Putting Chubs to sleep - two naps took about 10 minutes each to get her off, but tonight was a doozey. It took almost two hours to get her to sleep. She didn't cry much, it was mostly just playing and giggling and fussing on her part, and patting and shooshing and feeding on mine. When my husband came in to relieve me (we tag team a bit) he said 'time for sleep' and she turned, smiled, and displayed her new trick - blowing rasberries. It's so hard not to laugh when she's being so cute!

When I write the list, it looks bad that there are still so many things that I haven't done, but I did get through many of the little jobs. Having a day to tackle all the little jobs is important I think. It's not as rewarding as one big project but still needs to be done.

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