Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Snippets: My Heart Beats


This beautiful blog called My Heart Beats is written by my IRL friend Kirst. It's an ambling journey through fashion, design, fitness, sewing projects, holidays and colour. I'm not a fashion blog type person, although I'm really rocking the ' I'm so tired because my baby makes diagonal bed angels at night and do I have a VBPL (visible breast pad line) in this t shirt' look. I know it's fashionable because it's The Hot Look at the park, as in that's the look that everyone has. That makes it fashionable, right? I digress.

The key point is that obviously I'm not a big fashion girl, but I could (and have) flit through this blog, get lost in it and just enjoy the beauty and read-ability of it. Definately work having a look at it.

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