Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WFMW - Discount Christmas fabric

This week's WFMW is about getting discount fabric. In the new year, most fabric shops discount their Christmas fabric. It can be 50% off, and sometimes up to 80% or 90%, especially if it is still there by the end of February. Here's some which I picked up last week.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo...
Would you believe this is the best one I had out of seven photos?
Most of the fabric in this photo was heavily discounted and worked out to less that $3 a metre which is a steal! I try to pick non-Christmassy Christmas fabrics which I can use for other projects. The birds, flowers, babuska dolls, stars, stripes and candy swirls above were all 'Christmas' fabrics all of those will work very well for other projects.

I did get some fabric which really does look like Christmas fabric, so I can make some things for next year. I've sewn some tree decorations before, but I'm thinking about making some bunting for next year. I'm eyeing off this tutorial - what do you think?

Obviously the selection is limited, and when it's gone it's gone. If there's something that you really like or you have a particular style that you want, then don't wait until January or February. However, if you're happy to see what you get - substantially reduced, then it's a great idea.

Discount fabric works for me!
Linked to Jo as well.


  1. What a find! I love a bargain...especially on fabric:)

    1. I can't wait to try your flowers. Maybe I should use some of this fabric for that?


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