Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dear Zoo and Dear Santa

My mother, Nanny Tops, gave Chubs Dear Zoo. Fondly remembered from my childhood, no one reads this tear-the-flap book as well as Nanny Tops does. It's animated and engaging and keeps you in suspense!

Christmas saw the arrival of Dear Santa as well, this time Daddy and I bought it in Sydney. This one is a board book so the flaps are fairing better.

Using the well proven 'So they sent me a ...' format we bounce, scare, mess up and make noise though this delightful 2004 book with another furry suprise at the end. I thought that you weren't supposed to give pets as presents, but apparently the zoo and Santa didn't get that memo.

These books are just right.


  1. I have always love this book series. Hello more pinning with Pinterest.

    1. Rach, I was so excited when I saw Dear Santa! I didn't know that it existed until I saw it in November.


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