Sunday, 5 February 2012

Being safe when bubba is sick

When bubba is sick, it's so awful for everyone. Your precious baby is sick and in pain, and we as parents try to do everything we can to fix it. In my more lucid moments when I don't have a screaming, sick baby I worry that crying child + stressed and tried parents + quick actions to try to fix the problem = potential for things to go wrong. We have two rules which I hope will act as a safeguard to prevent any medication overdosing.

Firstly, only one of us (either my husband or me) gives Chubs her medicine. Usually it's me, since I'm getting up and doing the night feeds anyway, but if I'm exhausted then I will nominate him as the medicator-in-charge for that night. We are hoping that this will prevent one of us giving a dose at 1am in a sleepy haze, and then the other giving a dose soon after.

Secondly, we check the dosage on the box every. single. time. Ibuprofen and paracetmol have different required volumes, and the dosage of most medicines increases as your child grows. Some medications are available in different concentrations, so they may require different volumes for the same amount of active ingredient. This means that what the dose was last time - the dose you have remembered in your head - may not be the correct dose. So we check what the correct dose for weight is, and check that the same number is what is in the syringe/ cup each and everytime.

Over the top? Perhaps. Better than accidently overdosing and making bubba very sick? Definately.

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