Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Snippets: Bloggy love

Today I would like to share with you two blogs from my IRL friends.

Entwined Happiness

Entwined Happiness is brought to you by my friend Rachael. We've known each other since primary school and Girl Guides. She got the title for her blog from a love letter from her now hubby which I think is really sweet. Her blog has quite a selection of posts, from domestic adventures and renovations and craftings to her current challenge which is taking a photo a day.

Style from the Surburban Intellect is brought to you by B and Jane. B and Jane and I also go way back to fourteen-year-old misadventures, red hair dye and school drama productions. They started this blog so they would read all the unread books they had, but now I think about it, there hasn't been many posts about all the books they have read... In their place there is fashion, design, humour, travel, anecdotes and The Muppets. Oh, and we picked the same backgrounds for our blog, so we much be on the same page!

Pop on over and have a look!


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