Monday, 13 February 2012

Master bed set up for cosleeping

Chubs often ends up in our bed, either for a quick feed or play, for a few hours or for the whole night. To keep her safe we have a bed rail so she can't fall out. It's just a normal toddler bed rail and it also works a treat for stopping me falling out when Chubs is making diagonal bed angels (think snow angels, but on the sheet) and there's no room for me.

We also have a waterproof cover to protect the matteress. Especially when she was a newborn, I would often leak milk on the sheets even if she wasn't in our bed, and we've also had a few nappy fails in our bed. The printed cover is just a normal cot waterproof protector, not a special cosleeping cover ot anything like that. We have three - one for her cot, one for our bed, and one spare/ in the wash. As you can see in the picture, we have a normal queen mattress cover on the mattress, then the cot mattress protector just on my side at the top, then I add sheets et cetera as normal.

Having her in bed means we all get much more sleep, which is win- win- win. Knowing that our bed is safe for Chubs is very important to me, too.


  1. I followed your comment over at my place to visit you here, and I have to agree: sleep is a win-win-win!!! Our little toddler has just recently started sleeping through most of the night and I can't believe just how sleep deprived I actually had been all this time! Yup, it's the simple things, like co-sleeping and waterproof mats, that make it all doable!

    1. So glad that you're all getting a bit more sleep! Thanks for dropping by.


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