Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The kitchen is coming along

Slow progress today, but we're moving along.

On Monday it became apparent that the damage caused from when the slab was cut was more extensive than we first realised. All has been repaired now, but with much expense and stress sadly. It also delayed the work further. Sigh - a renovation with unexpected costs and delays - surely that's never happened before!?!?!

On Tuesday the plumber was able to return and finish the dishwasher installation, and it's pretty much been running non stop since then! As well as our regular dishes we have had to wash pretty much everything else before it is put away in the brand new clean cupboards. I put it on again just before Dear Husband and I went to bed last night and we couldn't hear it at all with the bedroom doors open. It's very quiet and we don't have to talk over it which is nice. I'm really, really appreciating having it and I promise to never take it for granted!

Slow progress today (Wednesday). We got the holes in the wall filled in, the handles on most of the doors and the baskets installed on the inside of the pantry. Hopefully we will get further tomorrow.

I bought a few shelves and add ons for inside the cupboards to make the space more useable. I also bought the photo boxes on the top of the overhead cupboards. I didn't want to waste the space up there, but I also didn't want it to look cluttered. I would have prefered all one colour but I cleared out their stock with the black and white! I'm loving the handles, I'm really glad that we picked those.


  1. lol renovations always cost more than expected...well in my case anyway because we always rip stuff up and find something that shouldn't have been there to begin with.

    The storage looks great in the cupboard - Howards Storage??

    1. Not Howard' storage, just the kitchen section of the dept store and then we screwed them on to the pantry doors.


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