Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kitchen yet again

Hopefully this is the 'bottom end' of pulling it all apart. Now the 'rebuilding phase' begins.

Newly cut channel in the floor
Newly jackhammered wall to give us access to the hot water pipes

Today the pumbers took out the hot water system. The pipes were running through the middle of the cabinets which, whilst a bit of a pain, was still acceptable when the cabinets were used for storage. However, this wasn't doable for the dishwasher so we needed to set the pipes into the concrete floor (which is as much of a hassle as it sounds.) The jackhammer and the concrete saw went all morning.

The good news:
- The hot water system is in great condition and was removed and is ready to be reinstalled. The plumbers were able to contain the hot water system and associated pipes more compactly than we thought, so we can fit it into a 600mm cabinet. This leaves us with room for a 300mm cabinet (we were thinking that we could get a 150mm cabinet in at best) and will be perfect fit with the dishwasher.
- There were some issues with the safe tray on the hot water system which we didn't know about. It seems that it didn't drain anywhere (and therefore is totally useless). Now that we know about this, we can fix it.
- We were able to get all the under bench cabinets put together this afternoon (except for the doors) and the drawers (with covers).
- We worked out a good configuration for the overhead cabinets and purchased them today.
- We found some great, huge tiles for the splash back. They are very large (300 x 600) and super shiny white. We will add some coloured tiles to the top of the splashback to add some brightness.

The bad news:
- When the plumbers were cutting the concrete floor they cut through a cable that none of us knew was there - and we don't know what the cable is for. We need to wait for the electrician to investigate and fix it. This meant that we couldn't finish the hot water system reinstall, so we couldn't do the cabinet installation and so on. The electrician can't come until tomorrow afternoon and we can't do any more installation until he can fix this problem.

Kitchen with everything removed
The old taps (removed) are the three grey spots in the middle of the photo right at the top.
The new tap will come out of the sink, not the wall.  


  1. Eep, good thing no one was electrocuted!

    1. Yes - that is EXACTLY why we got the electricians in to do it,since the professionals know what they are doing!


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