Tuesday, 15 January 2013

More kitchen renos

The kitchen is out! Everything in the kitchen has gone except the stove - the electrician will remove that later in the week.

Pulling the cabinets out

Today we bought the some of cabinets and benchtops, screws, hinges, handles and other associated drill bits etc. We removed the sink, the rest of the cabinets and the splashback tiles. We took the floor coverings out (vinyl) which took a great deal of work to clean up (almost three hours). The stove and the dishwasher were delivered today, and I bought dishwasher tablets at the supermarket (which was incredibly exciting!)

Three cubic meters that used to be our kitchen

We're on easy and disposable tonight since we have nothing but the microwave and a tap coming out of the wall. I'm so excited about it all going in!


  1. Very exciting! You guys have definitely inspired us to get a move on. We're thinking about the appliances now in the sales. Are you doing it all yourselves, apart from plumbing and electrics?

    1. Yes, we're doing it with help from BIL and nephew. We got our dishwasher and stove from an outlet place for VERY good price, I'll message you.

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