Friday, 18 January 2013

Kitchen work

Today was a bit of a stand still. We couldn't really do much more until the plumber and electrician did some more work. We think that all the electrics are finished after today, thankfully, although there are two more small plumbing jobs to be done. Once these are finished we are then back on 'our own time' and won't be reliant on anyone else which will mean we can get stuck in!

Shiny shiny brand new plumbing
Note the new power point for the DISHWASHER!!

Consequently we didn't really get much done today. We decided last night that the microwave box was far too deep, so we took it off the wall, cut it down and then reinstalled it. We started to put the doors on the overhead cabinets. Since it's a kit kitchen it's all predrilled and marked which makes things much easier.

The cut down microwave box and the first doors on the overhead cabinets
We did get some things done in the laundry while we were waiting for the tradies today. There isn'y much storage in there, or rather, there wasn't but there is now! These shelves used to be the cabinet over the old kitchen sink. They were still in good condition (despite being over 40 years old) so we kept them in the laundry. No more keeping the detergent on the floor!

Repurposed shelving

I also got some hooks for the walls which we put up, and I'm wishing that I bought more of them! They were less than $2 each and can hold up to 30kg, so I'm going to go back and buy some more to put up. I got the laundry door open all the way for the first time in years today! Getting all the storage in the house soret out is a big job but I'm very much looking forward to when it's all finished.

New hooks - more to come!

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