Monday, 27 May 2013

Menu plan

Well, plans have a habit of not quite working out that way... :)

Here's the updated version of what we were supposed to eat last week:

Monday 20/5: I've changed this to chilli con carne with rice, corn chips and salad since we didn't have the hot chook last night (was Asian chicken noodle soup ) All good
Tuesday 21/5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer) I've started putting red kidney beans in the Bolognese too. All good
Wednesday 22/5: Stir fry Silly me - I was trying to be prepared and got the frozen Bolognese for Tuesday night out of the freezer on Monday night and put it in the fridge to defrost. Totally forgot about this on Tuesday, and got a new one out of the freezer. So, we needed to use up the one in the fridge so we had Bolognese again.
Thursday 23/5: Crumbed chicken with roast veggies (instead of parmesan)
I was coming down with a cold on Thursday (which is still hanging on) and the idea of doing a roast just didn't happen. Freezer Bolognese again.
Friday 24/ 5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer) After Bolognese three nights in a row, we were getting a little over it so we got a takeaway hot chook which is a bit of a Friday night favourite.
Saturday 25/5: Stir fry Since we had the hot chook on Friday, we did Asian chicken noodle soup. It hadn't been planned so I bought some fresh pak choy on Saturday morning but forgot the chicken stock. We usually use the liquid tetra stuff, but I had to run up to the corner store which only had stock cubes. There were an acceptabel substitute, but we do like the liquid tetra packs better.
Sunday 26/5: Scavenge A last minute invitation from my mum for early dinner was accepted with much enthusiasm! 

Plan for the next fortnight:

Monday 27/5 Crumbed chicken and roast veg (also do daycare cupcakes)
Tuesday 28/5 Bolognese
Wednesday 29/5 Chilli con carne (make large batch to freeze, eat one serve each tonight)
Thursday 30/5 Stir fry
Friday 31/5 Bolognese
Saturday 1/6 Slow cooker chicken curry
Sunday 2/6 Scavenge

Monday 3/6 Chilli con carne with rice, corn chips and salad
Tuesday 4/6 Asian chicken noodle soup
Wednesday 5/6 Parmesan chicken with roast veg
Thursday 6/6 Stir fry
Friday 7/6 Hot chook with chips and steamed veggies
Saturday 8/6 Bolognese
Sunday 9/6 Scavenge

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  1. My weekly meal plans have a habit of not working out too, especially when hubby pinches some of the ingredients I had planned to use in dishes later in the week, to create his own meal ideas. At least my budgeting is getting a bit better shopping wise and I'm choosing cheaper cuts of meat and veggies from the markets. It all adds up, doesn't it?


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