Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday menu plan

** The conclusion to Operation ReClaim Our Bed is here**

I've been a bit slack with meal planning, but hoping to get back into it for the next little while. I'm also going to start planning fortnightly as we're going to change the way we do shopping. I'm also planning a lot more specifically (including writing two shopping lists). We'll try this for a little while and see how it goes - stay tuned.

Monday 13/5 : Hot chook (from the supermarket) with steamed carrot and beans
Tuesday 14/ 5: Asian chicken noodle soup (with Monday's leftover chicken)
Wednesday 15/ 5: Crumbed roast chicken with roast veggies and steamed green beans and carrots.
Thursday 16/ 5: Beef stir fry (Dear Husband)
Friday 17/5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer)
Saturday 18/5: scavenge
Sunday 19/ 5: Hot chook

Monday 20/5:  Asian chicken noodle soup (with Sunday's leftover chicken)
Tuesday 21/5: Chilli con carne (the same as what we made on our bulk cooking day) with rice, corn chips and salad.
Wednesday 22/5: Stir fry
Thursday 23/5: Roast parmesan chicken with road veggies
Friday 24/ 5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer)
Saturday 25/5: Stir fry
Sunday 26/5: Roast beef with roast veggies


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  1. I am always impressed by people who plan their meals ahead. It sounds so useful but I never get my head around planning a week in advance! I will follow your posts about this topic with interest!


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