Friday, 17 May 2013

Easy dinner

Some days, easy is what you need.

A very easy go-to meal for us is a roast chook from the shop with veggies. Simple, dead easy, and then I use the leftover chicken for Asian chicken noodle soup the following night.

Between $10.50 and $13 for a roast chicken doesn't make this the most frugal meal, however it does provide meat for the next night as well. It's only a few dollars more to purchase a roasted, seasoned and stuffed chook as it is to buy a raw one, and about a million times easier than prepping and cooking it myself. By the time I factor in the electricity for the oven (and ignoring my time) then the purchased roast chook is the way to go. It's also much cheaper than most take away meals, and much healthier.

I probably plan this meal half the time (with soup the next day), and we also have it either on a disaster day or just a 'let's take the easy option tonight'. Nothing fancy or Earth-shattering by any means, but easy, healthy, a kinda-frugal = win.

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