Wednesday 15 May 2013

Gluten free, dairly free, fructose malabsorption and awesome-full.

Dear Husband and I are quite lucky that we have very few dietary issues to negotiate. The most taxing thing that we have to deal with is that fact that - apparently, everyone needs to eat every day. Several times a day, apparently. Sigh.

(Let's ignore the day last week where Chubs' behaviour was stinkingly awful all afternoon, and at four o'clock I realised that I hadn't given her lunch. Let's ignore that, bit time.)

We try to eat fairly healthly and fairly frugally. We mostly eat at home and kind-of from scratch. I'm happy to open a jar or a tin, but we try to stay away from preprepared meals. We try to keep our sugar, fat and preservatives low and minimise processed foods.

But - and it's a really big but - we don't HAVE to. We can have a sneaky take away meal without too much carnage. We can treat ourselves with junk every now and again, and we have no trouble finding something to eat from a menu on the rare occasions when we do eat out.

This luxury which we enjoy - food of plenty - is not extended to many. To quote my aunt on the weekend, 'I really can't think of many things that would be worse than being unable to feed your family.'

Our family is doubly fortunate - not only do we have an abundance of  available food (and over abundance actually, as I just tossed some slimy lettuce and mouldy tomatoes into the bin) but when push comes to shove, we can pretty much eat whatever we want. We like to eat a certain way and vertainly notice a difference in our health and functioning, but we have a multitude of healthy, available and affordable options.

No so for everyone. I'm sure I'm not telling anyone anything new that others diets are restricted, in some cases quite significantly. Two friends of mine, Penni and Gemma, both have to negotiate different complex and demanding restrictions.

Penni blogs her adventures in dairy free and gluten free meals at pennicooks . Her meals are healthy, frugal and kid friendly. Gemma blogs at Glimpsing Gembles about Hashimoto's disease, fructose malabsorption and other dietry constrains. Head on over and have a look.

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