Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday menu plan

Monday 13/5 : Hot chook (from the supermarket) with steamed carrot and beans
Tuesday 14/ 5: Asian chicken noodle soup (with Monday's leftover chicken)
Wednesday 15/ 5: Crumbed roast chicken with roast veggies and steamed green beans and carrots.
Dear Husband was very sick this week, so chicken noodle soup was the way to go. Luckily I'd been slack and hadn't crumbed and frozen the chicken breasts on Monday night when I intended to, so I poached said chicken on Wednesday night, and we had Asian chicken noodle soup for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. No veggies on Thursday because we'd run out and I didn't have the energy. Some days you do what you gotta' do.
Thursday 16/ 5: Beef stir fry (Dear Husband) See above
Friday 17/5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer)
Saturday 18/5: scavenge
I had said scavenge since DH was going out, however we were all ill this week and that didn't happen. We had chilli con carne from the freezer instead.
Sunday 19/ 5: Hot chook Crazy exhausting day and we didn't even have the energy to go out for a hot chook, so we had Bolognese.

Monday 20/5: I've changed this to chilli con carne with rice, corn chips and salad since we didn't have the hot chook last night (was  Asian chicken noodle soup )
Tuesday 21/5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer) I've started putting red kidney beans in the Bolognese too. (insetad of chilli since we'll have that on Monday.
Wednesday 22/5: Stir fry
Thursday 23/5: Crumbed chicken with roast veggies (instead of parmesan)
Friday 24/ 5: Spaghetti and rice Bolognese (freezer)
Saturday 25/5: Stir fry
Sunday 26/5: Scavenge


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