Sunday, 12 May 2013


If you missed it, here is Operation ReClaim Our Bed Part 1

After a couple of weeks the bed (with trundle) was delivered. I'm getting very handy with an allen key these days, I can assure you.

Assembling the trundle (legs set up)

There was another suprise - the trundle has legs! I had no idea that the trundle has fold away legs. The castors are on the side of spring loaded folding legs, so you can use it either as a conventional trundle, or simple lift the ends up to fold the legs out to have a full sized, normal height single bed. There was nothing in the online description about this, and when we looked in store it never occured to me that there might be hidden folding legs.

Beds set up

The bed and the trundle would have been the same height, but we bought a slightly thinner mattress for the trundle so there would be plenty of space for bedding (so we could roll it away made up.)

We put a bed rail (the one which used to be on our bed) on the side of the bed near Chubs' drawers, and of course the trundle on the other.

We spent a few more nights like this (usually with the trundle low). I would feed Chubs to sleep on her bed, then leave her. At first wake up I would go in and feed her/ pat her/ put the dummy in/ cuddle or whatever she needed. She was still rolling around a lot and we had to do lots of padding around the trundle. Some nights I would stay in with her; a few times I ended up in her bed and she was on the trundle. Other nights she was happy for a feed or a cuddle, and then I went back to our bed.

I still need to get a clock for the room so I know what time it is (I hate not knowing), and I need to remember to take my phone with me when I go in (since I use it as my alarm). I haven't been able to fins a night like that will suit but we've moved the lamp that is in there so it's not so bright.

Update #3 here


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