Monday, 3 June 2013

Menu plan

Last week's recap:

As per usual the plan didn't work out. The spanner in the works was Dear Husband getting quite ill and needing a lot of emergency dental work. It appears he's had a number of tooth infections for quite some time (which we didn't know about). Two flared up last week and have been removed, with more work to come. He was quite sick with both the infection, and then the recovery so things went out the window this week. Mother in law has also been visiting so everything is a bit out of routine.

Monday 27/5 Crumbed chicken and roast veg (also do daycare cupcakes) All good
Tuesday 28/5 Bolognese All good
Wednesday 29/5 Chilli con carne (make large batch to freeze, eat one serve each tonight) Didn't happen, we scavenged that night.
Thursday 30/5 Stir fry Soup and scavenge
Friday 31/5 Bolognese Hot chook 
Saturday 1/6 Slow cooker chicken curry I knew that it would be a busy day - I had a book club meeting Saturday afternoon, picking up MIL etc. I put the slow cooker on at lunch time, and it was a great to walk in to a hot dinner ready to go at dinner time!
Sunday 2/6 Scavenge After a massive day and feeling under the weather, take away pizza won the day.
The plan for this week:

Monday 3/6 Chilli con carne with rice, corn chips and salad I'm posting this Monday night, and so far do good! I also made three lots of Bolognese for the freezer
Tuesday 4/6 Asian chicken noodle soup MIL wants to make silverside, and I'm totally letting her!
Wednesday 5/6 Parmesan chicken with roast veg Heading out to dinner - a rare treat!
Thursday 6/6 Stir fry Parmesan chicken with roast veg - I'll bring this over from Wednesday
Friday 7/6 Hot chook with chips and steamed veggies Bolognese (We can't go all week without it!)
Saturday 8/6 Stir fry
Sunday 9/6 Scavenge


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