Thursday, 21 February 2013

Shaker bottles - coloured rice

This good old toddler favourite is so easy. The only tricky part for us was that I didn't have any small bottles, so I had to go and buy some spring water!
1. Drink water. Keep bottle and lid. Remove label
2. Fill with whatever you want to shake (in this case coloured rice.) Obviously lines didn't stay like that after Chubs had had it for about two and a half seconds.
3. Put lid on. Tape or glue if you think necessary.
4. Shakeashakeashakea til it starts to look to ratty and not work well, then chuck it! We tent to get a few weeks out of each one.


  1. Must try this one in future.

    1. Save your bottles - I had to go and buy some so I could make the shakers!

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