Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Menu plan

It's a bit late, but here is this week's menu plan. I am enjoying actually planning meals and using our new kitchen, rather than just dragging ourselves through the monotomy of constant hunger-avoidance.

Last week:
Monday: Stir fry Instead I tried a new recipe - combination noodles, which was like an Asian chicken noodle soup. Dear Husband loved it and I thought it was ok, so it will probably become part of the regular rotation
Tuesday: Scavenge (I have a work function) I ended up cooking chicken bolognese on Monday night, and then we reheated for Tuesday night.
Wednesday: Bolognese (from the freezer) Dear Husband made stirfry
Thursday: Roast beef I really can't remember what we had, but it wasn't roast beef!
Friday: Roast beef leftover and salad Bolognese I think
Saturday: Chicken curry (from the freezer) We had family over on Saturday and were too stuffed to eat on Saturday night!
Sunday: Chicken bolognese Combnation chicken noodles

So, we didn't actually stick to it! Better luck this week!

Monday: Freezer bolognese + brussel sprouts and bacon bits
Tuesday: Stir fry - new recipe + brussel sprouts and bacon bits
Wednesday: Lemon chicken (to try with the new changes)
Thursday: freezer bolognese
Friday: Stir fry
Saturday: Roast beef
Sunday: Roast beef leftover salads

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