Monday, 25 February 2013

Menu plan

Last week's menu plan

We actually stuck pretty close to the menu plan this time!

Monday: Freezer bolognese + brussel sprouts and bacon bits  Yes
Tuesday: Stir fry - new recipe + brussel sprouts and bacon bits Yes
Wednesday: Lemon chicken (to try with the new changes)  Yes - the new changes didn't work though. I cooked it for longer, with flour and not in the bag, but it still didn't crisp up. I think I need to try another recipe with a bit of a crumb and without as much (any?) honey.
Thursday: freezer bolognese Yes
Friday: Stir fry Yes
Saturday: Roast beef We had a massive day of cleaning, sorting and assembling Chubs' room so we were just stuffed on Saturday. We had freezer bolognese instead.
Sunday: Roast beef leftover salads No roast on Saturday of course meant no leftovers on Sunday. I went to do the (cryovaced) roast and it was all swollen with rotten gases - eeeww! I'd already put the veggies on, and my mum had just dropped in and said she was on the way to the supermarket for a few things. A quick phonecall and a act of kindness later, and I had a brand new roast in the oven.

I think our oven is 'cooler' than others, as I've learned that things definately take longer than the recipe says. I put the 1.3 kg roast in for 90 mins at 180 degrees C and it was still rare in the middle. I popped it back in for another 15 mins at 230 and that was prefect.

I FINALLY worked out how to get the veggies right. A long time - they were in for over two hours, and then the extra temp at the end. I also scored the veggies with a fork to crisp them up. I perhaps need more oil (or a different tupe of oil) since they did stick to the roasting pan.

I also added some steamed green beans, which was a bit lighter than all the roast ones and freshened the meal up a lot. I probably need to make a bit less veggies as we struggled to finish them.

This week's menu plan

Monday: Leftover roast beef and spinach salad with feta and avocado
Tuesday: Combination chicken noodle soup
Wednesday: Stir fry
Thursday: Lemon chicken
Friday: Freezer bolognese
Saturday: Roast beef
Sunday: Roast beef leftovers salad


  1. Hi! I like how you did a review of how last week's meals went. I think our oven is cooler than it's supposed to be too. It's really annoying, because I always have to throw things back into the oven for an extra ten minutes. Anyway, sounds like you've got some yummy meals planned for this week!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I think i've got the oven sorted out at last.


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