Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Baked beans tip

My new pantry

Chubs loves baked beans. I've got no idea why - I think they're disgusting - but she seems happy so yay! We buy the salt reduced ones and they are pretty high in protein and fibre, so there's certainly worse food she could be having.

I hate having left over baked beans lurking in the back of the fridge to go off, and the super small tins are expensive, wasteful and not salt reduced. Chubs eat about a third of a tin, and she like them at room temperature (ick!)

Easy solution - when she has them for breakfast Dear Husband or I open a new tin, put a third into her bowl and let her go for it. The rest of the tin goes into two small plastic containers and tossed in the freezer. I then put these container into Chubs' lunch box on daycare days and they will heat them up for her.

Not wasting leftovers AND not having to do separate lunchbox prep works for me!


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