Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Combination chicken noodle soup

While we were packing up the old kitchen and then unpacking everything into the new kitchen, I came across a cookbook which I bought about ten years ago. It's a Women's Weekly one called Cooking for beginners and I think I have made a grand total of ZERO recipes from it in the last decade. In my newly inspired domestic enthusiasm, I decided to makea few meals.

Dear Husband likes Asian noodle dishes, but I'm not super keen. I saw this recipe and decided to try it - he loves it and I like it, so it will probably make it's way onto our regular rotation.

I've made a few changes to the recipe.

- 1 chicken breast, poached (alternatively, I also used chicken meat from a roast chook the day before)
- 200g of roast pork (I bought it sliced from the deli)
- 1L chicken stock
- 1 packet of shelf fresh noodles
- cup of beansprouts
- 4 shalotts (green onions)
- pak choy

- Poach the chicken. (I do this at nap time then put in the fridge.)
- Heat stock in a large saucepan, bring to the boil.
- Chop shallots and pork and slice chicken
- Add chicken to stock, return to the boil
- Add all other ingredients. Separate noodles in the stock with tongs
- Keep cooking until all is cooked through.
- Use tongs to place noodles into bowls. Ladle soup over the top.
- Enjoy :)
- reduce heat and add all other ingreients

This is a recipe which is suited to an at-home day if poaching the chicken. Poach the chicken and chop everything up at nap time, then all that needs to be done in the evening is to toss it all together and cook. If you had precooked chicken (eg left over from a roast the night before, or prepurchased shreaded chicken) then it would be easy enough to prepare at dinner time.


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