Thursday, 9 August 2012

Operation Sleep Rule Change update: nights three and four

Night three went well. She was very tired after daycare and fell aleep in my arms at 7pm without story,  teeth etc. Chubs woke at about 10.30 and had a big feed. She wouldn't go down in ht cot but I got her back to sleep on her flip out sofa in her room. By the time I had cleaned my teeth and was ready for bed I moved her into her cot. Chubs slept there until 1:30 which was wonderful! She woke for a feed then and came in with us.

Night four she was also very tired after daycare and went to bed early, soon after seven o'clock. She stirred about 9pm since her ever present snotty nose has been keeping her up, but resettled with a feed and a back rub. I can't actually remember what time she came in, but it was definitely after midnight.

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